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Golf Cart FAQs

What is the difference between a Gas cart and Electric Cart?

Gas Carts

The difference is that gas carts can drive about 75 miles on a tank of gas, which will typically last about a week of driving on Island Time!

Electric Carts

Electric carts have a range of about 4 hour of continuous driving, which means it is better for just hopping back and forth to the beach and or the village a few times a day. We provide a charger with electric carts so you can charge the cart overnight. Some condos, like Ocean Walk and the Beach Club on St Simons - do not allow electric carts to be charged on property - so make sure you check ahead of time. So, for the adventurous type who wants to explore the island or drive from the village to Ft. Frederica - a gas cart is what you need. For those who just need something to get back and forth to the beach or village and have a place to charge the cart - an electric cart will do!


What streets can I drive the cart on?

The New Glynn County Ordinance states that you have to stay on the streets (NO SIDEWALKS!). Any street with a speed of 25 MPH or less for a PTV or 35 MPH or less for an LSV is fair game. Check out our High Tide Carts Map App which highlights the major roads on St Simons which can be driven by Golf Cart. You can also check HERE to download a PDF map from the Glynn County


Can I drive on the beach?

NO! Glynn County does not allow you to operate any motor vehicle on our beaches.

How long does the charge last on an electric cart?

This can be a tricky question. Typically, a fully charged electric cart will last about 3-4 hours of continuous driving. That being said, remember that these carts operate on batteries. Just like a cell phone - if you are talking none stop and checking Instagram every second - you charge will only last a few hours, but if you are only driving here and there and have a couple of people on board the cart could last a couple days on a charge. The more you drive at higher speed and with more weight - the more you are prone to use the batteries faster -3 hours continuous use. If you have less weight and drive the cart in short bursts of speed that do not last that long - you can last 3-4 hours continuously. High Tide Carts rents you the cart on the condition that you accept this fact. In other words, if you rent an electric cart for the day and use try and bring it back after 3 hours of driving straight out to Ft. Frederica from the Village - we will not refund you or provide another vehicle. This is why you need to communicate your needs - we would clearly recommend you get a gas cart or LSV for this type of daily rental!


What is a daily rental for High Tide Carts?

A typical daily rental from High Tide Carts is from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. A daily rental for High Tide Carts is considered anything over 4 hours of use. So, if you would like to rent from 1:00 in the afternoon until 6:00 pm - it is still considered a daily charge. Arriving on the island at 4:00 pm and wanting to have the cart waiting for you means you will have to pay for that day. The reason for that is that we have to make sure the cart is either fully charged or fully gased and clean when you get delivery of the vehicle. This means we cannot rent your vehicle to someone else that day.


Where can I find a copy of the rules for driving Golf Carts on SSI?

The Glynn County Police Department require that you familiarize yourself with the Golf Cart Ordinance for Glynn County which can be found on the Glynn County Police Facebook Page. Most of the rules are pretty simple common sense, like not causing a traffic jam and pulling over if you are impeding traffic. High Tide Carts will brief you on these rules before you take delivery of your vehicle, but it is your responsibility to know and follow the law! You can download or read the ordinance online here: Glynn County Golf Cart Ordinances

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